Thursday, May 12

it's the simple things...(vol. 1)

The Simple Things

today is "it's the simple things in life" over at jesslyn's blog

join in and link up on her page and share the simple things that sweet to you.

i love making list like these because it helps to dwell on
the positive rather than the negative.

+ turning over your pillow and the new side being cool.
+seeing the first lightning bug of the season.
+driving by my childhood home.
+the smell of my house after arriving home from a long trip
+opening up a new box of crayons. 64 count, please?
+ trying a new recipes and hearing ty rave about how good it was
+getting my hair washed at the salon.

one of my favorite quotes...
how fitting!


Beth McC. said...

Love your blog and I totally get the cool pillow thing, love that!!!

Ciara {Miss Monkey} said...

Oh my gosh, your list was perfect! I just moved back home from college two days ago and the lightning bugs were filling up my field! There's no smell like home!

And your last one, man I thought I was crazy and the only one who loves getting her hair washed by the hairstylist...

I was brought here by Jesslyn's linkup! Following!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Megan! These are FABULOUS! I love them all!

Lightning bugs are one of my favorite things. I used to chase them as a little girl. And driving by your childhood home is precious. It used to make me cry to ride past my childhood home. There was a lot of great memories there. Unfortunately, they moved our house to a different location, so I have no idea where it is now. :(

And I love opening up new crayons or coloring pencils! They're just perfect! :)

Thank you SO much for participating!!! :)

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