Saturday, April 2

saturday snapshot: wedding edition

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tuesday is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
praise the Lord!


because of our anniversary i want to share a picture from our wedding day.

i am dabbing away tears of happiness.
in my mind, i was recounting my God's faithfulness.
his faithfulness through our singleness,
through our dating,
through our engagement,
and his faithfulness in the years to come in our marriage.

this is me reading ty's sweet love note to me...
presenting with a new bible with my new name on it.

moments later i walked down the aisle with my daddy to
the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness"...
smiling at Ty the whole way.


stephanie said...

this is SO sweet! happy three years to you!

virginiamae said...

Oh, yes, so sweet! Congratulations!

thetwistedruffle said...

sounds like a perfect day, and you look like a true princess!

congrats on your anniversary!

just stopping by from the linky!

Lauren said...

What a beautiful photo!

BB Goad said...

so sweet! happy anniversary!

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