Monday, April 4

the processional

i loved our wedding. duh. of course i did.

but, honestly, i loved it because it was about something bigger than ourselves. it was about the gospel. it was about christ's love for us. it was about his faithfulness to us.

our processional was come and listen by david crowder band. of course someone else sang it. accompanied by piano and violin.

a sweet lady gave me some of the best advice as to what to do on my wedding day. she said that the day goes by so fast. so fast (like blink of an eye). she told me that throughout the day for me to just stop. and take it all in. delight in that moment. it is crazy because i remember so many special moments.

one is just moments before i walked down the aisle. hearing this song from the foyer. watching my sweet friends one by one walk into the sanctuary. (gosh, it seriously gives me goosebumps)

here is the song if you have never heard it.


Victoria said...

Never in my life have i heard this song but I love it!!


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hello on your lovely little blog.

I follow you on Twitter and you follow me on Twitter but I've never been by to introduce myself -- so...HI THERE!!! :)

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