Thursday, April 28

ok, ok, confession:

i am in full royal wedding mode.

i have watched almost every documentary on the royal family.
i don't know why, but it fascinates me.

tomorrow, i will be waking up way to early to begin watching coverage of it all.
because i want to watch it in real time, people!

my best friend and i are watching it together!
along with scones (with clotted cream & lemon curd),
croissants, english breakfast tea, nutella, and mini quiches.

here is some british lingo for you,
brought to you by: E! online

Bob's Your Uncle: Although we can't picture the bride and groom slinging slang at their ├╝ber-formal wedding, perhaps one of them will utter this phrase on the honeymoon. Equivalent to "it's all good," "no worries" or even "cool."

Knackered: Washed up, tired, exhausted, spent. What the couple will be feeling the morning after all this planning, dancing, pressure, dress talk, vow swapping and attention.

Pissing Out: Let's just hope it doesn't completely piss out as Kate takes the slow route in her horse-drawn carriage from Buckingham Palace to the Abbey Friday morning. The temps here this week has been wonderful, so it would really put a damper on things. As we all know, the weather in London can be rubbish.

Dickie Bow: William will be rocking one of these at the wedding, which is what the English call a tuxedo bow-tie, like here. (They make wordplay so much more fun, don't they?)

all i know is that it better not be pissing out tomorrow in england.
hoping for beautiful weather so we get the full effect.
i can't wait to see both prince william and prince harry in their dickie bows.
at the end of the day, i will be quite knackered out due to fact that
i will be up at 4 in the morning to enjoy the festivities.

bob's your uncle, friends.
bob's your uncle.


rachael lee said...

love love love this! i'm excited about watching with you, bff!

sarah said...

hehe! so cute!! i am definitely excited to watch too! :)

virginiamae said...

Cute! Wanna link it to my fri post on weddings? =)

BB Goad said...

These are great! I never understand British lingo :) Thanks for the help!

Jadyn said...

Cute, love your use of the British lingo! :) My hubby is British and even though he's lived abroad for so long that his Britishness is mostly noticeable in his accent and love of tea, I've heard him say Bob's your uncle a few times, lol. Hope you enjoyed watching the wedding and weren't too knackered the rest of the day!

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