Thursday, April 21

etsy finds: spring

i have decide that today is the perfect spring day
to share some of my new favorites on etsy!

so here it goes...

how cute is this. me and my lists.
this quilted list maker found: in His grace
love quite a bit of things in that shop!

i love this print...and every other print in tink and tank's shop. it.

this vintage yellow glass juice decanter is awesome.
i am a fan of pretty much any kind of juice,
so it would be well used in my home.
check out many more vintage finds here: aged simplicity.

at my bible study, two weeks ago, we learned how to fold cloth napkins.
i am ready to buy me some cloth napkins and host a dinner party.
i found these dainty little ones by charlotte handmade. love them.

love this "eat local" tote by the modern marigold.
ready, set, take me to the farmers market.

and lastly got to throw in some pretty little jewelry...

love this "love a many splendored thing" tile necklace


love this morning glory ring by linkel designs.
love the little pearl on the inside.

happy thursday, everyone.

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thetwistedruffle said...

oh my goodness! i just would die for that necklace. i mean not really, but maybe? oh, i'm going straight to her etsy shop! i love your taste btw, i like all of those things....

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