Tuesday, April 5

the bridal march

TODAY is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

tuesdays are normally thankful tuesdays on here.

so today i am going to share 5 things that i am thankful for in my husband.
(obviously i am thankful for many things about him, but i am just going share a few today!)

Tyson James...I am thankful...

1. that he is hilarious. at least i think he is. he cracks me up all the time.

2. for his musical talent. he plays the piano. the guitar. and the drums.

3. for his wisdom and his thirst for biblical truth.

4. his way of understanding me. he tries to emphasize with me
even when i don't make sense and my emotions are crazy!

5. his love for Christ and through that love comes his love for me.

also wanted to share the song, I walked down the aisle to...
"Great is Thy Faithfulness"

i can't even begin to explain how meaningful this song is to us...

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