Tuesday, March 29

thankful tuesday

it has been a crazy last couple of days. this weekend i was plagued with a dumb little headache due to the rainy weather! but it was a great time to relax and have some meg and ty time.

here is what i am thankful today:

1. sundays. the church we are attending. loving it.

2. that april is right around the corner. nearing the end of the least liked month of the year (in our home).

3. april is our anniversary month! coming on 3 years next tuesday!

4. april also means the start of baseball season. die hard braves fan right here, folks! opening day is next friday april 8th! guess where we will be?

5. my job! i love it. even though i spent much of the morning scrubbing blue pen out of the carpet that had been sitting there since saturday.

here is a picture of bliss:
pictures found: here

i must find this place.

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