Tuesday, March 15

thankful tuesday ((week 11))

"it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
here are my 5 for this week's thankful tuesday:
1. enjoying lunch with my man yesterday. sitting in our new kitchen. dreaming together.
2. this weekend's forecast. friday: high of 77. saturday: high of 75. sunday: high of 70. and all sunny!
3. starting a new bible study tonight. 7 weeks. learning what God's word says about homemaking and loving your family. the first hour is cooking and hospitality demonstrations. second hour is dinner and table talk. and the last hour is the lesson. this week's lesson is on kindness. then home in time to cuddle with my man.
4. the anticipation of getting packages in the mail. waiting for a couple. :)
5. ty downloaded jane eyre on the kindle app on the ipad the other day. can't wait to get reading. (I am a book in hand kind of girl, really! but, it was $0 on kindle. i will buy it one day for my real book library. promise.
i really do love rainy days. {every once in awhile}

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