Tuesday, March 8

thankful tuesday ((week 10))

i have been a terrible blogger over the last week...our internet has not been set up at our new house, so we have had a little break from the world wide web and social media. and to be honest, it has been some what refreshing. (deep breath.)
i am glad to be back to blogging. i missed the first spring fling wednesday @ this blessed nest and fill in the blank friday @ the little things we do. i hated missing out, but i am getting back into the groove.

is everything unpacked in the new house: no! (seriously, i don't know if it is ever going to happen) it will, but golly there is so much stuff.
we had a fabulous ((busy)) weekend, but we did not get a whole lot done on the homefront. oh well, that is what this weekend is for, right?
anyways, today is tuesday and that makes it thankful tuesday @ happy the home!
here is what i am thankful for today:

1. last night i had the amazing opportunity to go to the hillsong united concert here in atlanta. loved it. it was such a blessing and encouragement to my soul. it is always so awesome to worship the ONE TRUE GOD with such a huge group of fellow believers...such a small taste of what eternity will be like.
2. how wonderful my sweet husband takes care of me and seeks to do what is best for our marriage and family.
3. our new neighbors. our safe neighborhood.
4. for family and friends that are so excited about our new home. love doing life with such blessings.
5. that i won a giveway on hannah's blog. thankful i get to pick out something from ruthanne's shop!! i am thinking about getting this for my new camera.
lastly, i am ready for spring to be here. who is with me?!?!?


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