Saturday, March 19

saturday snap shot

it's saturday snapshot over at kim's blog, yellow songbird.

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this picture was taken while we were on a mission trip in guatemala.
we had the great opportunity of staying at a orphanage and spending time with sweet children every day.

the little children staying there tend to cling on to adults because of past neglect
and not having one on one time that the desperately need and desire.

this little guy was my buddy.
i was sitting on the platform on day and he just came and sat in my lap.
5 minutes after this picture was take he feel asleep (note: his heavy eyes).

my favorite thing about the picture is where he put his little hand.
delicately right over top of mine.

melts my heart.


virginiamae said...

I found you through the link up. Nice to meet you! =) Cute blog and I like your "about me" page ;-)

Kim said...

beautiful photo. thanks for linking up! you may want to go back over to the blog to check and see if you won something WINK ;)

Victoria said...

Aww How sweet!!

I found your blog through yellow songbird...and I love your blog!!


Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

this is so precious, really moving. its great to see people in the blog world active in missions. matters of merrymaking

aPearantly sew said...

I clicked over through Kim's link up because I have also spent time in Guatemala (so of course I wanted to see your picture!).
I also love the way his hand is resting on top of yours. Such a precious photo.

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