Saturday, March 12

saturday snap shot

it's saturday snapshot over at kim's blog, yellow songbird.

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i choose this picture because it makes my heart smile.
this is me and my one of my best friends, rachael!

we are probably about five years old in this picture.
we are now 23 years old and still friends.
so glad the Lord has blessed me with her friendship all these years.

she is a blessing to me.


Megan @ {VintageHydrangeas} said...

What a cute picture! I'm loving it!

Visiting from Yellow Songbird :)

stephanie said...

i love your blog! i think we should be friends. haha. what a cutie pic!!!

Hanna said...

really cute pic! nice meeting you:)

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

How cute is this!!! Great snapshot.
{stopping by from the party!}

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