Tuesday, February 15

thankful tuesday ((week 7))

what a beautiful day it is here in georgia. the sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm.

today, i am thankful for...

1. the beautiful sweetheart roses my sweet husband gave me for valentine's day. they look so cute in one of my newly thrifted white vases.

2. the other part of my valentine's day present that we will fully get to enjoy come the end of the month. i mean seriously my man is the best.

3. for my mom who still gets me my favorite valentines day candy every year. she is a wonderful woman, my mom.

4. awesome new purse that is roomy yet a black hole. and the inside is cheetah print! and it was thrifted!

5. for the time we got to spend with friends this weekend. seriously, fondue nights are the best. we had cheese fondue, chicken caesar salad, and white chocolate fondue. soooo good. great conversation+good food= one awesome night!

my cup is full.

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