Tuesday, February 8

thankful tuesday ((week 6))

Guess what? It is a sunny tuesday in georgia! happy day!
here are some things that i am thankful for on this sunny tuesday:
1. the one year bible. it has been great at keeping me structured. i am loving reading the Bible this way. maybe next year i will do it chronologically!
2. this weekend was so much fun. friday ty and i had a very grownup meeting on friday afternoon that entailed a lot of signature signing and check writing (more on that later). we ended the day with some yummy mexican food and saw this cute movie. the rest of the weekend included: eating dinner at a local irish pub, watching the superbowl (or just having it on in the background), eating too much, celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday, teaching 5th grade girls sunday school, and shopping for new appliances.
3. this quote that i read this morning in my most favorite devotional, streams in the desert.
the quote is based of off psalm 23:1 - the Lord IS my shepherd.
"not was, not may be, nor will be. 'the Lord IS my shepherd.' He is on sunday, on monday, and through every day of the week. He is in january, in december, and every month of the year. He is when i'm at home and in china(wherever). he is during peace or war, and in times of abundance or poverty." j. hudson taylor
4. another thing we did this weekend was attend the hope center's volunteer luncheon. back from august to december i was their college intern. now, i just work in the baby and more thift store twice a month. but, i seriously love that place. and i am thankful for all the amazing women i have met there.
5. i am thankful for mondays. mondays are my days to get things in order, but also just relax. and that is just what i did yesterday. i have got some DIYs up my sleeve. they are coming, promise!


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