Monday, February 14

our love story: day 1

first picture together 11/06 & our wedding day 4/08

November 13, 2006. the day i met my husband.

it was a brisk autumn day and i had just left my math 1101 class. it wasn't a very good class. i had just found out that i had done really bad on my latest test. so frustrating. i had a decision to make, i could stick around and hang out with my friend, liz and go to my next class or just go home. i decided to stay.

so, i walked in to the student center and sat down with liz. she was sitting with a couple different people from campus crusade and two people i had never met before. one being krissy leigh and ty!

aside: ty's class had been cancelled and that was really the reason why he was at the table at the same time i came up.

back to the story: so, liz had to go to class and instead of just leaving with her and going to getting ready for my next class i decided to stick around and hang out with these people i had never met before (very unlike me, but God was at work).

so, ty, krissy, and i hit it off. they both hounded me with questions and i fired back answers! the whole time krissy was sending signals to ty about me. silly girl! poor ty, he was embarrassed!

that was a monday, so on wednesday, ty ran into liz and asked her, "hey, where is that cute red-headed friend of yours?" and I walked up like 10 minutes later. it ened up just being me and him during our break. i tried to help him study, but he just kept talking to me. i liked him. God is so good!

i don't believe any of this was by chance or left up to coincidence. God began writing a our beautiful love story that beautiful autumn day. and the story still continues...

Great is His Faithfulness!

happy valentine's day to my forever valentine, tyson james!

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ashley baker said...

This is so cute. I love reading about love stories. I'd like to invite you to share this in my "wedding" link up!


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