Wednesday, January 26

list #3: places i'd like to visit

due to my love for lists i chose this planner for 2011. each week starts with a list. this week the prompt was to "list the places you'd like to visit". here is my list...

1. germany!!! oh to walk the streets of my mimi's hometown.

2. italy. oh to explore tuscany and taken its beauty.

3. sweet parie. oh to picnic on the lawn of the eiffel tower on a warm sunny day.

4.oz. a.k.a australia. to taken in the sights of sydney harbor.

5. greece. to experience the hospitality of the greek people.

6. england. to explore windsor castle and westminster abbey

7. ireland. to soak in its lush green landscape and spend time in its friendly pubs. to love on its people.

9. alaska. to see what sarah loves so much about it.

10. israel. to walk the land where my savior walked.

i have never been to any of these places. but, i would seriously love to take in all of the sights of these beautiful places. oh and to taste the yummy cuisine (i love food, it's true). a lot of these places are located in europe and i blame this book for that. this is why i have always loved studying geography because it allowed me to learn about countries all over the world and their fascinating cultures.

amazing race, anyone? (although it would not allow me to picnic on the lawn of the eiffel tower to say the least.)

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