Friday, January 28

fill in the blank friday

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1. if my house was on fire and i could only grab 3 things i would bible, my camera, and my journals that i gave to ty as a wedding present (those definitely cannot be replaced. my heart on paper).

2. a smell i really like is...i really love the smell of ty's 'natural goodness' (that is what he calls it). i also like the smell of the cozy cashmere candle from colonial candle.

3. something you might not know about me is...i hate math. i abhor it. i am terrible at it. i practiced it...never did good at it. i am done with forever. calculators are be my friend. i was just not blessed with a mathematical brain. and i think i might have dyslexia when it comes to numbers. seriously.

4. some of my favorite websites to putter about on are...i have a whole list under 'my faves' tab. but, some i frequent daily are etsy, under the sycamore, and anthro.

5. this weekend i will be...having an awesome time. i love weekends. it starts today with a lunch date with ty. so excited.

6. nothing makes me happier than the feeling i get when...i am about to leave for vacation. the excitement of all the fun that is going to take place. i love it. ready for a vacation!

7. a bad habit i have is...starting a book and not finishing it and then going on to the next book. it is so bad. but i am working at it.


nichole said...

we should start an i hate math club! :) have a wonderful weekend

everyone calls me bon bon said...

I absolutely hate math too! Luckily, I married an engineer who loves numbers. He's amazed though at some of the math-related questions I ask him. My brain just doesn't work that way! I'm such a words person:-)

kebowman said...

Number 1 is precious.

Angela said...

Urgh, I hate hate hate math. I am not good at math *at all*!

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