Friday, January 21

fill in the blank friday

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1. my favorite quote is...i have many many many of those but one of my favorites is at the bottom of my blog..."of one things i am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with 'ashes'." -Elisabeth Elliot

2. a bad habit i have is...well i guess it would be that i brush my teeth too hard. strange, i know. but my friend and dental hygienist, christine told me to not brush as hard as i have been.

3. the first time i felt like a "grown up" was... it still freaks me out. i think it was when we moved in to our first home and it was just me and ty and then it still then took a couple of weeks for it set in because it felt like we were just playing "house". paying bills will definitely make you feel grown up.

4. weekends are...the best because ty and i get to be together. our weekends are friday and saturday because he works on sundays. i love spending time together just doing life.

5. when i was a child i wished my name was...michelle. i have not a clue why. i just thought it was more grown up than megan. when i played house and i was always the name was michelle.

6. i wish...i could decorate my new home. it doesn't exist at the moment. but we are waiting till the summer to start house shopping. while i wait i make design boards with the help of this amazing book, domino:the book of decorating.

7. a secret i have is... i water down basically all my drinks except soft drinks (which i don't really drink), but when i am drinking any sort of juice i water it down because it is normally too sweet for me. weird, but true.

happy friday!


Emily P. said...

I brush my teeth too hard too! I had to switch to a child's tooth brush for awhile b/c my gums were getting sore. Oh, and I love your blog header...super cute!

Victoria said...

i do the same thing when i drink juice!! they are just too sugary on their own :)

and then i feel like a little kid lol

(followed your link fromlauren's...obviously...)

happy weekend!

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