Thursday, June 12

Happening Lately

I decided to forgo my goals with grace post for this month since I will be out of town for half of it. And seriously I don't think I need anything more on my plate. So I going to myself grace not to have goals this month. Sound good.

My baby sister graduated from high school two weeks ago. It never fails every time I hear Pomp and Circumstance played I start crying. I guess it brings back memories of me graduating from high school and college.

Had to get a picture of the bump in. 

My little brother got married last Saturday. Still can't believe that they are married! Their wedding was such a great testimony of a relationship done God's way. I got super emotional when I went to hug him goodbye before they left the reception. Now they are on their honeymoon and we all are just a little jealous. :)

It is really surreal for me to see a ring on my brother's hand. 

So yeah, lots of surreal moments in the last couple of weeks. Lots of emotions on top of being an emotional preggo.

Up next, we have a bridal shower for my cousin. father's day. beach trip with the broads. and beach trip with the faulks. then we are in July. JULY, people. Our baby girl is due in AUGUST.

Later this week, I will have a pregnancy update because I haven't done one yet and there is so much I want to document before it is over. 

Tuesday, May 6

Goals with grace: May Goals

The Tiny Twig

Is it just me or is anyone blown away by the fact that it is May! Before we know it, it will be summer and then baby time! Pure craziness!

Can I just say that I love that Haley has decided to call these monthly goal posts: "Goals with Grace". That is exactly what I want these monthly goals to be for me: full of grace.

Here is a recap of my end of April goals:

1. Purchase and begin making a Child Training Bible for our family. I bought the Bible and the supplies now I have to get to highlighting.

2. Clear out the new baby's room! Done. Made multiple trips to the thrift store and picked out paint colors.

With it being in the last couple of weeks of my second trimester...I'm getting the nesting bug. I want to spend the next 3 months prepping our home and family for the transition that comes with adding a new baby to the bunch. All the while soaking up the summer with my boys and making memories as a family of three.

My May goals:

1. Sign Micah up for swimming lessons. He is going to take these with my husband and I am excited to have them have that time together just the two of them. Although I do believe my husband is more excited about being able to dunk him then help teach him how to swim. Oh boy.

2. Start researching and prepping for potty training. Any mama's (of boys especially) have any tips...please send them my way. My husband (and I) would love to have just one child in diapers come August. I know one thing I don't want to rush or push it, but I want to have a handle on it before we add baby sister. Micah is 2 years and 5ish months.

3. Read one book. Just one. I love reading I just don't give myself time to do so. Right now I am reading in through Glimpse of Grace by Gloria Furman. Loving it! Get it on Amazon for your kindle today for $1.99!!!

4. Map out of our summer. With two family weddings. Two family vacations. Bridal & baby showers. A sibling's high school graduation. Throw in third trimester doctors appointments. We have a pretty crazy busy/fun summer coming up and for my sanity I need to have it all mapped out as best I can.

5. Organize and purge bedroom closets. There is something so cathartic about purging stuff.

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Monday, April 21

End April Goals.

Yep, it is definitely the last full week of April. But better late than never. I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment of my March goals!

1. Make a spring wreath because our front door has donned the same wreath for the past 2 years. Yikes. Needs to happen. Seriously.  Check see picture above!

2. Make "He is risen" banner to prep for Easter in our home. Will be hung on our mantle for the Easter season!

3. Find Micah an easter basket and sew a liner for it. Because Pottery Barns ones are cute yet not in our budget. So I will be on the hunt for a easter basket similar. I was able to find the perfect basket while we were cleaning out my grandmother's house. I was able to find a local lady on Facebook who was selling custom easter basket liners for $7 a piece including personalization! Crazy good deal. She didn't have a fabric that I was really excited about so I found a fun plaid on Etsy...and shipped it to her and when she was done we met up and I got the custom piece from her! She did a fabulous job!

4. Read two books. Definitely didn't happen. I am still in the middle of one book. Loving it (Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home by Gloria Furman), but 2 was probably a little zealous for this sleepy preggo who goes to bed around 10 every evening.

5. Find ways to stretch our money a little further.  I signed up for amazon mom and the honest company! With amazon mom we have prime shipping which will be very beneficial because we are constantly ordering stuff off amazon. And with the honest company...I signed up for the essentials bundle in which I get to pick and choose from a bunch of different natural, non toxic personal care & home cleaning products. I price matched a couple of items and I truly believe the essentials bundle will benefit our family over and over again! Learn more about The Honest Company here. ((referral link used)). 

For my end of April Goals, I just going to have a few simple goals because I only have less than two weeks left! hahahah

1. Purchase and begin making a Child Training Bible for our family. I love this idea and know this Bible will be used in our home over the next decade or more! 

"The Child Training Bible is tool that allows parents and children (and anyone that loves the Word of God) to go directly to the pages of Scripture for instruction in 20 key areas with a complete section dedicated to the gospel. "

2. Clear out the new baby's room! It has become our "catch all" room over the past two years. We have already made 3 thrift store drop offs!

Have I mentioned we are having a GIRL!! We are going to have a daughter! Bring on the headbands, blush pink, and jelly sandals! 

Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, March 5

March Goals

Since the first trimester of this pregnancy is behind me and I am beginning to feel like my normal self again, I would love to start doing these monthly goals posts (and get on a more regular blogging schedule).

When 2014 began, my mind and heart were in so many different places. My family was dealing with and struggling through the declining health of my beloved Mimi. I was dealing with on and off all day "morning sickness", but thankfully it was much better this pregnancy than last. Oh and throw in the crazy (and out of the ordinary for the south) snowstorms that caused school to be cancelled (my husband is a christian school teacher) and us to spend days cooped up in our home at time. Roll all that into one and you have our January and February.

Now March is here. Which is insane because it feels like we just rang in the new year. Now that life is settling down, I am ready to start setting a small list of personal goals each month for the rest of 2014. I love this idea primarily because I love making is really a problem. I also believe it could work better than making a whole bunch of resolutions in January only have failed miserably by mid February.

1. Make a spring wreath because our front door has donned the same wreath for the past 2 years. Yikes. Needs to happen. Seriously.

2. Make "He is risen" banner to prep for Easter in our home.

3. Find Micah an easter basket and sew a liner for it. Because Pottery Barns ones are cute yet not in our budget. So I will be on the hunt for a easter basket similar. 

4. Read two books. For Lent I have decided to not mess with my cellphone (social media especially) after 7 p.m. each evening to allow for a more intentional evening for my family and myself. So I think two books attainable goal. We will see though. The only exception is for online community group meeting(s) or The Influence Network class I have signed up for this month.

5. Find ways to stretch our money a little further. Whether signing up for a CSA, keeping up with my Target Cartwheel app (I always forget about it), or looking into a membership for a wholesale club. 

I'm excited for March and not only because spring weather is (hopefully) on its way. 

What are your March goals? I would love to hear them!

Grace to you all! 

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